Tony Pagliaro

We live in an incredible world full of natural beauty, timeless moments, and stunning human-made vistas. From Santa Cruz to the world beyond, my passion is sharing visions of all those things we sometimes don’t have time to appreciate.

As a self-taught photographer, my artwork is a mix of patience, planning, creative angles, multiple exposures, and hours in the digital darkroom. Each finished piece represents the vibrant memory of a perfect moment.

Living in Santa Cruz County has provided me with a lifetime of inspiration and has led to numerous professional accomplishments. Over the years, my artwork has been featured in galleries, newspapers, magazines, calendars, and private collections around the world.

Above all else, I am eternally grateful for the loving support of my wife and three sons. It was their encouragement all those years ago that led me to begin seriously pursuing “the beauty of the moment,” as I’ve often said.

Often, our busy lives don’t allow us to experience many of these moments… moments that ground us and connect us to something greater than ourselves. Through my art, I strive to connect you, the viewer, to the natural beauty of the world around us.

Along those lines, I would love to connect with YOU! Where do you find the beauty of the moment? What’s your passion? Where can I see some of your favorite photographs?

I hope to hear from you.

~ Tony Pagliaro